Acrylic Fabrication Specialists – Holloway Plastics

Acrylic Fabrication Specialists

Holloway Plastics are experienced in all aspects of plastic and acrylic fabrication; we work with a wide range of materials including PETG, Polycarbonate and PVC for a range of customers. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise – having worked in all aspects of acrylic fabrication since 1970 – creating bespoke acrylic items for a wide range of customers.

We use a range of production techniques which allows us to influence every step of the process, from design, prototyping, all the way to manufacture and delivery. We will ensure your vision is realized at a competitive price without ever compromising on quality.

Acrylic Fabrication Technology:

We have state of the art acrylic fabrication technology and are able to keep work in house, which keeps costs down for our customers. Our acrylic fabrication production capability includes:
• 3 x Laser Cutting Machines (up to 3000 x 2000 bed size)
• Laser Etching
• 2 x CNC Routers 3000 x 2000 bed size
• Traditional Routing
• Line Bending
• Large Radius Bending
• Diamond Edge Polishing
• Flame Polishing
• Fabrication

Holloway Plastics specialize in bespoke acrylic fabrication solutions and we utilize top quality brand materials such as Perspex and Plexiglas.


Acrylic Fabrication Services:

Ancillary services include:
• Collation and Distribution
• Graphics
• Drape forming
• Signage
• All forms of acrylic fabrication.


Acrylic Fabrication Products:

Over the years, we have produced many different products using acrylic fabrication such as:
• Built up acrylic letters
• Acrylic Retail Displays
• Acrylic signage and branding
• Acrylic exhibition components