Midnight Sun & Moon – Holloway Plastics

Midnight Sun & Moon

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Midnight Sun is a large, flame-coloured disc that rises over Sydney harbour near Farm Cove. The 15mm thick clear acrylic disc measures 2m in diameter and has almost 1700 holes laser cut to accept  small clear, yellow, orange and red discs, which create its golden shimmer.In the morning it is lit by the rays of the sun, and at night hundreds of tiny coloured discs are illuminated by a LED and flutter and shimmer in the breeze.

Midnight Moon appears to float magically above the Royal Botanic Garden. It serves as a beacon for this section of the Light Walk, drawing visitors through the Queen Elizabeth II Gate from the Sydney Opera House forecourt and along the paths of the Garden.

Created the same as the sun but this time with muted pastel mini-discs of grey, blue and green, the design reflects the shadows, undulations and craters of the moon’s surface, rather than being a purely abstract representation.